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T60 matrix lamp,Equipped with two sets of optical lenses, it can emit 16 ° uniform light column, the illumination distance is more than 150m, and the 50m exploration area is more than 150 m2. It is equipped with standard quick release bracket and controllable gimbal, which can be linked with the camera. It supports DJI pilot, brightness adjustment, strong light explosion and flash and other modes.

Product Function


One button switch, support brightness adjustment, provide long-distance lighting and search.

Strong light and flash

Support the adjustment of burst brightness and burst frequency.


Controllable gimbal, supporting gimbal 0 to – 85 ° control and gimbal camera linkage.

Variable heat dissipation

The high-speed cooling fan adjusts the speed according to the real-time load temperature to achieve efficient heat dissipation.


Product model bb JZ_T60

Electrical interfaceDJI SDK

Sizeb90 x 72 x 62 mm

Weight 190g

Degree protection IP4X

Supported models M30

8000Lumen Light flow

1400m² Lighting area

16° Uniform light column

150m Lighting distance

T60 Spotlight for DJI M30

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