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Aerial Crash/Crime Scene Reconstruction
Aerial Crash/Crime Scene Reconstruction

$795 per Person

Course Length: 24 HRS

The Unmanned Tactical Group’s Aerial Crash/Crime Scene Reconstruction course will prepare the participants to collect and produce accurate products for crash or crime scene investigations. Traditional crash reconstruction procedures take many hours to collect the data at the scene. Using drones can reduce this time down to under an hour for most crash scenes. This reopens commerce, reduces the likelihood of a secondary crash, and enhances resource allocation by speeding up the investigation time at the scene. During the UTG Aerial Crash/Crime Scene Course, the participant will learn what equipment is used to map a scene, how to collect the necessary data, how to process the collected data, how to make accurate products, and how to export the data for 3rd party software.

“I recently took the Aerial Crash/Crime Scene Mapping class from Unmanned Tactical Group and I was blown away by the level of expertise and knowledge that was brought to the table. The instructors were fantastic and made the complex subject matter easy to understand and engaging to learn. The class was incredibly informative and hands-on, which was really helpful in building practical skills that I can use in the field.” - Celina Police Department

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