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Catastrophic Disaster Drone Response
Catastrophic Disaster Drone Response

$1000 per Person

Course Length: 24 HRS

Disasters strike everywhere. Unmanned Tactical Group’s Catastrophic Disaster Drone Response course will prepare your team to respond to major catastrophic disaster incidents such as hurricanes, tornadoes, structure collapses, and wildfire events. This course will prepare your agency to respond, integrate, and aid in the response and recovery efforts. Throughout the course, the participants will learn how to integrate into the Incident Command Structure that might be in place for that event. Once integrated, the participants will learn how to obtain proper authorizations for any TFR that might be in place and how to use the Special Government Interests process. The participants will also conduct scenario-driven tasking that will focus on SAR, critical infrastructure inspections, and large-scale disaster mapping. Finally, the participants will learn how to create products that can be used for situational awareness for incident command.

“Fantastic course. Knowledgeable instructors, more than willing to follow through with any questions. Highly recommend” - Washington County EMA

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