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First Responder Operations
First Responder Operations

$1000 per Person

Course Length: 24 HRS

The Unmanned Tactical Group’s First Responder Operations course will take the participant from zero flight experience to being able to fly for most public safety responses confidently. The course is designed to build on public safety standards such as Law Enforcement Drone Association type 1 and 2 or NFPA 2400 standard. The participant will learn how to obtain airspace authorizations, how to deconflict airspace for multi-aircraft operations, how to conduct night operations, and how to effectively use thermal payloads. Most of the scenarios are designed for, but not limited to, search for person responses.

Each scenario is designed from real-world public safety responses. These scenarios are instructed by public safety subject matter experts from across the country. The tactics and processes you will learn from this course will prepare you for virtually any major incident you would respond to.

As a fairly new drone UAS operator with basic knowledge, this course took me to the next level and helped me build confidence in flying at night. Highly recommend it for any agency starting a program.” - Montgomery County Constable’s Office Pct 4

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