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Hazmat Drone Operations
Hazmat Drone Operations

$1000 per Person

Course Length: 24 HRS

This training program is specifically tailored for first responders, HazMat technicians, and drone operators seeking to enhance their expertise in the utilization of unmanned systems (drones) during Hazardous Materials Incidents. Spanning 24 hours, this comprehensive course places a dedicated spotlight on advanced tactics, active reconnaissance methods, and real-time environmental monitoring techniques. Participants will delve deeply into the intricacies of addressing the challenges encountered by HazMat technicians, including dynamic management of incident scenes in real-time as well as advanced decontamination protocols. Our training approach is multifaceted, beginning with rigorous classroom instruction followed by hands-on learning and immersive scenario-based training. These components collectively illuminate the strategic and tactical roles that unmanned systems (and their operators) play as indispensable tools in the secure and proficient management of HazMat Incidents.

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