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Tactical UAS Operations
Tactical UAS Operations

$1000 per Person

Course Length: 24 HRS

Unmanned Tactical Group’s Tactical Operations course is designed for advanced pilots to support high-risk/SWAT deployments. During the course, the participants will first learn how to properly select a tactical drone for their agency. As not all drones are suited for all incidents, it is important to understand what systems will be best suited for that environment. Next, the participants will learn about challenges and considerations when supporting SWAT events. Due to the high-risk environment associated with SWAT events, the pilots should be prepared to adapt to those challenges to ensure the success of the operation. The participants will then spend the bulk of the course flying scenario-driven incidents to prepare them for real-world deployments. During this time, participants will learn how to properly communicate with tactical command. Finally, the participants will learn how to fly in confined spaces to ensure they are prepared to deploy drones in nonpermissive environments.

"This training gives tac officers the security and ability to complete the mission successfully and safely!" - Galveston County Sheriff’s Office

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